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Pluming Installation

We are a Campbell Plumbing and Heating Company operating as a plumbing contractor specializing in apartment, residential, and commercial installations. We have the experience, plumbers and inventory necessary to handle any project, large or small. We are committed to providing excellent workmanship and high quality products to every project we undertake. We also offer value engineering to our customers in an effort to provide viable alternatives in materials to lower project costs.


Hot water circulator

This guide will explain to you how to install a new circulator pump as well as replace an existing pump.
1) Spread your tools out in a safe place so that you can see everything. Also take the new circulator pump, flanges, gaskets and bolts out of the boxes and bags they came packaged in.
2) Now that you have your tools ready you will want to isolate the area where the pump is being installed. What this means is that you will want to “valve off” the area. If you are just replacing a circulator then you should have isolation valves on each side of the flange.
3)The first thing you should so if this is an existing pump is to shut of the electrical power source and then you will now want to remove the wires that are connected to the motor, followed by recapping the ends with electrical caps.